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Gluten and your health

Gluten and your health

Learn the facts about gluten and why some people need gluten free items

 Learn the facts about gluten and why some people need gluten-free foods

 Learn how to improve your health by including more produce in your diet

 Learn how to improve your health by including more produce in your diet

What are Carbohydrates?

Fish is a good source of protein. Most types of fish are also relatively low in saturated fat. For this reason, eating seafood is a positive step because it can help to decrease the amount of ‘bad fats’ in your diet. Many types of seafood also contain ‘good fats’ known as Omega-3’s. Omega-3’s are a type of fat that can actually lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.


Omega-3’s can be found in fish, nuts and vegetable oils and are increasingly recognized as important to human health. Two high quality types of Omega-3’s (called DHA and EPA) can only be found in fish. This is one of the reasons why it’s important for most people to include fish as part of a healthy diet.


Are there important seafood health guidelines?

First, remember that how fish is prepared is important. The positive health benefits of eating seafood can be offset if fish is deep fried in oil with trans fats or covered in cream or butter sauces. Make sure the restaurants you visit use zero trans fat frying oil and try to select seafood that is broiled, steamed, baked or grilled without unhealthy sauces.


It’s also important to eat a variety of fish and shellfish and to avoid over-consumption. Some seafood does contain elevated levels of mercury and other contaminants absorbed from ocean ecosystems where fisheries are located. Eating too much seafood can be a risk because it can cause a concentration of these chemicals in the body. Experts recommend that everyone avoid over-consumption and also vary the types of fish eaten as a way to avoid potential issues associated with any one fish species.


We are experiencing more ways to prepare and enjoy seafood. Grilled, baked or broiled - in entrees, salads, sandwiches, or even raw in sushi - fish has found its way onto our everyday menus in more ways than ever. Because it is so popular, it’s important to understand the facts about seafood’s health benefits, the potential risks of eating too much fish, and how we can help to preserve our oceans and fisheries for future generations.


Since everyone’s health history and nutritional needs are so different, please

Make sure that you talk with your doctor and a registered dietitian to get advice about the diet

And exercise plan that’s right for you.


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